Physiotherapy The natural force behind physiotherapy doesn’t lie in its power to solely treat, but also its ability to potentially prevent something from entirely happening or at least putting it on extensive hold. Having said that, our professional staff at CS Physiotherapy is dedicated towards achieving a vast array of medical goals for all of its clients.

see From the perceived restrictions of those suffering from a disease, injury or disability to athletes pushing limits in regards to optimal mobility & reaching the epitome of wellness, a physiotherapist affects a significant share of the medical spectrum of movement. They continually question the body’s level of freedom associated with the Universe’s sundry laws.

The education & planning of support and maintenance programs aided to minimize the likelihood of re-injuries or overall functional declines are a few of many responsibilities that physiotherapists carry. In many ways, a physiotherapist can be a person’s best friend in transitioning their focus from health – the lack of disease – to optimizing wellness.


Massage Therapy

CS Physio’s team of massage therapists are pertinent figures in aiding a person’s recovery as well as furthering their progress in a number of ways related to their wellbeing, such as strength, flexibility, pain toleration and degree of relaxation. Often the level of stress that we carry throughout our body can quite literally lift off or dissipate.

A human component plays quite vividly when regarding what a massage therapist is to achieve through all of their client relationships. These individuals trust our medical professionals and with good reason as solid knowledge, sound perspective & a plentiful amount of experience begins to dab away at the client’s physical & spiritual restrictions.

Being able to break past barriers through a personable approach that builds rapport and a sustainable level of trust remains one of, if not the most, important tasks that a massage therapist (MT) is to achieve with their client. MTs truly engage in their medical profession by helping push the client’s initial apprehensions past their predetermined range.


When originally brought to the West by those specializing in traditional Chinese medicine, skeptics questioned the validity behind claims of acupuncture providing pain relief among other things. Its increasingly scientific & clinical approach continues to gain momentum and has revealed the gray overlap between alternative & classical medicine.

With increasing global support, the medical practice has given rise to some of the most efficacious acupuncturists, including those within Canada, some of which CS Physiotherapy has been fortunate to procure professional help from. Client satisfaction remains at a high level through reoccurring feedback during the professional relationship.

Our Acupuncturists are well-balanced individuals who love to see their clients make gains in their life as a small result of the needles, pressure and heat that they apply during their sessions. What must never be forgotten is that sometimes the little work that one does in a small part of their life can have such a lasting and monumental upshot elsewhere.

Post Surgery Rehab

You’ve survived an ultra-intimidating and strenuous part of your rehab in having gone under the knife. So now what? Whatever muscular dystrophy, loss of coordination or even loss of confidence has occurred since then should not be left to dwell alone. Clients seek help from CS Physiotherapy in aiming to make a permanent comeback.

Frequent, honest and timely communication between the CS Physiotherapy team and the client in question must be at the forefront of all operations involved. No lasting positive effects will happen without the relationship of the client and the individual(s) rehabbing them being at a stable and healthy equilibrium.

Professional medical help from those representing CS Physiotherapy is prevalent within the institute and is reinforced through medical apparatuses & devices at a state-of-the-art platform. Our medical team loves what we do and believes in each and every individual that walks through out doorway – the energy is powerful.

Gym Program

Please note that a gym program isn’t simply pumping iron to an exhaustive degree. Not even close. The CS Physiotherapy professionals provide a program individualized for each client that suits their specific needs, while also addressing the importance of proper diet, rest/recovery, stretching & combining cardiovascular conditioning.

What the client wishes to achieve changes the ratio of effort and time spent towards each category mentioned above. However, the need for proper diet, sufficient rest and appropriate energy spent towards stretching should never be disregarded. Warming up, stretching & cooling down the muscles while paying attention to what they say after a workout is paramount to achieving healthy longevity.

Whether the client wishes to gain muscular mass and is less concerned with burning fat or vice versa is more relevant to our earlier statement of modifying the ratio in effort versus time. It is important to note that people also have certain predispositions to a particular body type, but with a positive attitude and relentless determination between client and athletic trainer, that can and will always be overcome.


Vertigo or dizziness experienced by individuals is often symptomatic of a vestibular disorder that through CS Physiotherapy’s extensive line of services is able to combat and mitigate as best as possible. Vestibular rehabilitation therapy (VRT) is the special type of therapy that we carry out and our professionals are the perfect fit for it.

VRT is a program heavily entrenched by exercise, as its main purpose is to help reduce vertigo, dizziness, falls, general imbalance and gaze instability. Despite the disorder’s associated deficit being permanent, a certain level of restoration can be achieved through the hypercompromising of other senses, such as somatosensory or vision.

The client may not ever retrieve all of what they’ve lost, but through the guidance of our CS Physiotherapy Professional, one of three methods can help them at least retain some of it back. Individualizing a problem that is relevant to the client’s specific deficiency is how it works with the three options of training being balance-centric, habituation or gaze stabilization.

Sports Taping

As professionals that are forever sharpening our craft, CS Physiotherapy is well-experienced in sports taping and is excited to learn new features or practical and innovative suggestions whenever applicable. Sometimes the hidden gems of new information are found through simple interaction with our clients, which is always rewarding.

Applying tape to the skin at an angle & pressure to keep certain muscles and bones in place will reduce pain as well as quicken and correctly align recovery. Reducing the injured joint’s range in motion, minimizing swelling by compression of soft tissues and securing bandages, to name a few, demonstrates the benefits that sports taping can provide.

Allowing the injured portion of the body to be secure will also allow the individual to be less stressed mentally and emotionally. The importance of communication between the CS Professional and the client in question will forever prove vital. Transparent talk is one of the many reasons why we will always have an edge over our competition.