Our thirst cannot be quenched.

CS Physiotherapy doesn’t waver when regarding the healthcare and wellness of its clientele.

Its thirst for greater results, more knowledge and providing excellent care is forever present..

Won’t stop learning

Never being satisfied with what they know and weary of the exponential growth of sciences, all CS Physiotherapy members are dedicated towards honing their craft.

What makes us different?

While keeping our college’s ethical guidelines and professional boundaries in place, we ensure that you will be treated like our own family member and friend. We strive to deliver the utmost care and offer premium health care service all the while within a friendly atmosphere.

Improving health to an ever-greater degree is our motto

We are healthcare providers and forever grateful for what we do – it is what we were put on this earth to do.

A variety of talent, experience and knowledge

Our professionals are individuals in their own right and will forever express themselves in the way that they seek fit – and that’s why our clients love them

Individual Services

Our team is committed to delivering individualized services. We believe that everyone’s condition is unique and everyone’s response to treatment may be different. That’s why we ensure individualized, one-on-one treatment.

Having vast and long experience in our individual fields, we can provide assurances in the care that our staff will provide you.  We continue to upgrade ourselves with the latest, evidence-based methods of treatment through research and attending both seminars and conferences.

We believe that the patients are the most important part of this team. We take our time knowing you,  listening to what you think and feel.

Thank you for your time and see you soon in our Family oriented clinic.